Gervasoni $5600
A selection of cheeses, cold meats, fruit and vegetables


Our pizzas are family-sized, have a thin crust, and are cooked on stone.

Pizza Conception (for two or three people) $7400
Home-made tomato sauce with garlic and onion, mozzarella and parsley.

The Pizza Concepcion can be ordered as it is, or with your choice of
the following selection of ingredients. If you like, choose different
ingredients for each half of your pizza

Serrano Ham ($1000), Bacon ($800), Prawns ($800), Anchovies ($800),
Clams ($800), Chicken ($800), Roquefort ($800),
Sausage ($600), Rucula ($600), Tuna ($600), Salami ($600),
Palm Hearts ($600), Mushrooms ($600), Goat’s cheese ($800), Avocado ($600),
Extra Mozzarella ($800), Cooked Ham ($600), Parmesan ($800), Tomato ($600),
Fresh Basil ($600), Sweet Corn ($400), Green Chilli ($400), Pineapple ($400),
Onion ($400), Red onion ($400), Red Pepper ($400), Garlic ($400),
Green Pepper ($400), Black Olives ($400), Green Olives ($400), Capers ($400)

Pizza Concepción Individual (for one person) $5800
A smaller version of the Pizza Concepcion. Each added ingredient $500

Pizza Baron (for two or three people) $8600 olives and parsley
(This pizza does not have either cheese or tomato)

Pizza Cordillera (for two or three people) $8600
Sour cream with bacon or seafood, onions, mozzarella cheese and parsley
(This pizza does not have tomato sauce)

Pizza El Peral (for two or three people) $8600
Goat’s cheese with a sweet and sour sauce of basil and red pepper

Pizza Queen Victoria (for two or three people) $8600
Onion, green peppers, mushrooms and olives with red wine vinegar,
rosemary and mozzarella cheese. (This pizza does not have tomato sauce)

Pizza Dairy (for two or three people) $8600
Tomato and chorizo in a roasted red pepper and garlic sauce with
rugula, lettuce and mozzerella cheese

Pizza Polanco (for two or three people) $9200
Chicken and mushrooms in a Roquefort cheese and cream sauce with
fresh tomato and mozzerella cheese

Pizza Larrain (for two or three people) $9200
Tomato sauce with blue cheese, serrano ham and rocket.


San Luis Salad $6200
Tomato, lettuce, cucumber, with your selection of two ingredients extra from the list for Pizza Concepcion

All the gnocchi come with parmesan cheese, olive oil and parsley

Gnocchi Matthew $6000
With a tomato, onion and garlic sauce.

You may also choose to add to your Gnocchi Mateo any of the ingredients
listed for the Pizza Concepcion.

Gnocchi Portales $6200
With cream, white wine and either bacon or prawns

Gnocchi Torpederas $6200
With avocado, tomato, garlic and fresh basil

Gnocchi Carvallo $6200
With mushrooms, cream, red wine and beef stock

All come with cream, onion, white wine and herbs

Risotto Matriz $6200
With mushrooms, green pepper and parmesan cheese

Risotto Merced $6200
With bacon, green olives and goat’s cheese

Risotto San Francisco $6200
With prawns, avocado and parmesan cheese

Risotto Carmelita $6200
With curried chicken and red peppers


Ice cream $2200
Tiramisu $2200
Panacotta $2200
Crepe with ice cream $2200


Draught Austral Lager (Punta arenas), 500cc, 4,6% $2800

Draught Austral Calafate (Punta arenas), 500cc, 5.0% $2800

Draught Austral Lager (Punta arenas), 250 cc, 4,6% $1400

Draught Austral Calafate (Punta arenas), 250cc, 5.0% $1400

Cerveza del Puerto Rubio (Valparaiso), 330cc, 4,5% $2200

Cerveza del Puerto Caramelo (Valparaiso), 330cc, 4,5% $2200

Kuntsman Torobayo (Valdivia, Chile), 330cc, 5,0% $2200

Mestiza Irish Dry Stout (Valparaiso), 330cc, 5,6% $2200

Corona (México), 355cc, 4,6% $2200

Cerveza Cero alcohol free (Santiago), 330cc, 0% $2200

Wine by the Glass

Red wine $2000
White wine $2000

Red Wines

Marqués de Cazaux
Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle de Curicó $6400

Viña Conosur Bicicleta
Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle Central $6800

Apaltagua Gran Verano
Merlot, Valle Central $7200

Houses Patron
Carmenere Reserva, Maule Valley $8000

Viña J Bouchon
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva, Valle de Maule $8200

Viña J Bouchon
Carmenere Reserva, Valle de Maule $8400

Viña Los Boldos
Syrah, Valle de Cachapoal $8700

Viña Los Boldos
Tradition Reserva Carmenere, Valle de Cachapoal $8800

Houses Patron
Syrah Reserva, Maule Valley $8800

Santa Ema
60/40 Esamblaje, Valle de Maipo $10200

Catena Zapata
Malbec Argentina $14800

White wines

Viña Conosur Bicicleta
Gewurztraminer , Valle Central $6800

Viña Conosur Bicicleta
Sauvignon Blanc, Valle Central $6800

Santa Ema Select Terroir
Chardonnay, Valle de Maipo $8800

Cefiro Reserva
Chardonnay, Valle de Casablanca $9200

Casas del Bosque Reserva
Sauvignon Blanc, Valle de Casablanca $9900

Champagne (Espumante)
Santa Carolina Brut $8800


Pisco Sour $2400
Pisco Mistral corto $2600
Pisco Mistral con bebida $3000
Rum Dorado Cacique corto $2600
Rum Dorado Cacique con bebida $3400
Tanqueray London Dry Gin corto $2600
Tanqueray London Dry Gin con bebida $3400
Stolichnaya Russian Vodka corto $2600
Stolichnaya Russian Vodka con bebida $3400
Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky $3400

Juices and Fizzy Drinks

Fresh Fruit Juices (ask for details) $1800

Bottled juices

Kiwi, Raspberry, Papaya, Quince or Apple $1200

Mango Maracuyá, Manzana Canela $2000

Fizzy Water 350cc $1200
Still Water 350cc $1200
Coca Cola 350cc $1200
Coca Cola Light 350cc $1200
Sprite 350cc $1200
Sprite Zero 350cc $1200
Fanta 350cc $1200
Tonic Water $1200
Ginger Ale $1200

Tea (Simple, Green or Herbal) $1400
Nescafe Coffee $1800
Expresso Coffee $1800
Expresso $1800